Tutorial: Applying rust to a miniature: the easy way

Sometimes I get asked how I give my metals on orcs and alike a rusty look; today I will show you step by step how I do this for miniatures that are intended for gaming. This particular way of giving miniatures an old, rusty look is in no way intended for quality display models; it is for tabletop purposes only!

Let’s start with a Games Workshops Black Orc.

I primed this model with ap: black primer. Then I prepared the skin with a combination blend of gw: warboss green and gw: kislev flesh. The metal parts were painted with 3 different gw metallic paints depending on the part, height or personal preference at the time: gw: ironbreaker, gw: leadbelcher or gw: runefang steel. The helmet and other details were also painted before I applied the rust, but that’s not something I normally do. But it makes no difference really, if one’s careful.

Time to pick the colour of the rust. I chose gw: skrag brown. I prefer brown with hints of orange as rust.

Applying the paint is done with an older brush: clean most of the paint of and dab it on the figure. Be sure that your brush is almost clear of paint. And dry!. Then dab away, but stay clear of the edges. If you go over edges, touch them up with metallic paint.

Note that even with a dry paint brush, this is not the same as drybrushing. The goal with drybrushing is to put paint on the edges and raised areas, which is not what we are doing here.

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